Top 10 pieces of advice from Mentor Moments on TikTok

Last month in March for Women’s History Month we officially launched our brand new channel with a curated mentoring series in partnership with TikTok. Since then, we’ve had an incredible lineup of music industry executives, artists and creatives from the UK, Spain, France & Italy — who continue to share their knowledge to inspire, educate and empower the next generation of women and gender minorities in music.

Check out our Top 10 ‘Mentor Moments’ so far!

Our first of our top 10 pieces of advice comes from Kanya King CBE, Founder and CEO of the MOBO Organisation and MOBO Awards. Since the organisation’s inception in 1996, Kanya has built MOBO into a globally respected brand, that engages with business and political leaders and allies with cultural icons and creative visionaries. As an entrepreneur and visionary, she has been intrumental in celebrating and championing Black music and artists in the UK and beyond.

“ABC — Always Be Curious. Ask questions, watch and learn. If you’re always curious, there is always something new to be discovered that will inspire you.” (Kanya King CBE— CEO and Founder of MOBO Organisation).

Spoken by someone who has grown an organisation in to something so impactful, what can you learn from keeping your eyes open for the next opportunity to learn and grow in yourself, as well as your business, whatever that may be.

Kanya King CBE

Our second mentor featured in our TikTok Mentor Moments has valuable advice for aspiring DJ’s. Listen up for advice from Jyoty — DJ, Broadcaster, Radio Presenter and Programmer. Jyoty was honoured in the 2020 Alternative Power 100 Music List. Check out the awesome Power 100 Music List here.

“Make sure you count and celebrate each and every achievement, and don’t let anybody make you feel like you shouldn’t or your can’t, because you should and you can!” (Jyoty- DJ, broadcaster, radio presenter, programmer)


Third in our list of brilliant top tips comes from Pauline Duarte, Director of Epic Records, Sony Music France:

“Don’t wait for things to come to you. If you don’t ask for them, they won’t come to you on their own… Go look for promotions, go look for pay rises!” (Pauline Duarte, Director of Epic Records, Sony Music France)

Such valuable advice, perhaps in an area that a lot of people often find difficult or awkward to talk about. Pauline Duarte also added: “Faites du bruit!” — in other words, “make noise!” about yourself. Practice with a friend if it helps, or take a favourite power pose before a big conversation.

Similarly, Marine De Bruyn — of France, Artist Manager and International Project Manager at CNM — says:

“Speak before someone gives you a mic. It helps to move forward and assert oneself.” (Marine De Bruyn- International Project Manager at CNM, Artist Manager, & France)

Let’s not wait for the mic to believe in our own opinions and professional judgement. Trust yourself!

Also sharing her advice for how to improve your professional profile is Ana Gomez De Castro — of Spain, as well as Product Marketing Manager of Live Nation Spain.

“Network and be your own PR. Surround yourself with interesting people and be inspired by creatives outside of your craft.” (Ana Gomez De Castro- Product Marketing Manager, Live Nation Spain, & Spain)

Ana has also shared her tips for prioritising wellbeing and thriving in the music industry which you can check out over on’s TikTok.

Ana Gomez De Castro

In addition, something that is invaluable in all roles throughout the music industry: communication skills. Georgia Taglietti, who through her Communications, Digital, PR and Internatinoal Media roles at Sónar Festival and beyond, shares her advice for how to become a better communicator. Two of her tips are simple yet invaluable, and often forgotten:

On how to become a better communicator: “Listen, and be empathic.” (Georgia Taglietti — Communications, PR,

We are also lucky enough to hear top tips from amazing Artists, DJ’s and Producers who shared their Mentor Moments for Creatives honing their craft and developing their personal brand.

“It’s so important to know yourself and know your vision before you involve anybody else.” (Grace Carter — Artist, Singer/Songwriter)

“You need to have your eyes wide open and don’t let anyone get in the way of your artistry.” (Albany, Artist/Singer/Songwriter)

“Do not underestimate the benefits of self-promotion.” (Cristina Lazic — Artist/DJ/Producer)

“Study and become completely autonomous as a Producer. It is so important to follow your instincts, identify with the sound and absolutey don’t follow the charts.” (Anfisa Letyago, Artist/DJ/Producer).

Grace Carter

Thank you to all of our amazing guests for sharing their Mentor Moments, and to TikTok!

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