Streaming Spotlight: How to Pivot your career with Ariane Paras
5 min readJan 22, 2021
Ariane Paras

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your work and why you’re interested in what you do?

Hey I’m Ariane, a life & career coach and founder of Olympia Coaching. I work with artists and music professionals who want to get to the next level. I help them find clarity and direction in their careers, or regain their focus, motivation and confidence, so they can achieve their goals and be the success they’re meant to be.

Prior to that I spent 15 years in the music business at UK labels and as a senior booker at the Razzmatazz club in Barcelona, booking headline acts as well as upcoming artists from different genres. Having the opportunity to support artists in that way was really rewarding and fun, as was being able to dance my way through my 20s and 30s — music is my first love and gives me so much joy, I don’t know how I could exist without it!

In parallel, I became fascinated by inner work and all things personal development, and my spiritual awakening slowly started to shift my understanding of the world, reality and myself. I had a calling to follow that path and help and support music industry folks, so they can create a life and career they love.

What do you enjoy the most about being part of

I value sisterhood and I love seeing what becomes possible when people support each other. The divine feminine energy (irrespective of gender) is rising strong and is a great example of that. The positive impact it makes in the industry is incredible, and I really enjoy contributing to that change by empowering others through trainings.

How do you usually work with people in your coaching work?

Coaching is a partnership designed to empower you to become the best version of yourself. Through questions, visualizations, intuitive tools, and exercises, you’re able to find clarity, reconnect to your inner power, grow personally and professionally, reduce anxiety, and achieve what you set out to do.

For example, some clients may feel frustrated in their careers, or lost about what to do next, and I help them find clarity and direction so they can progress. Others lack focus or structure, and I help them get clear on their goals and stay motivated and on track through accountability.

My guidance is rooted in the principles of balance and self-acceptance, which are key to sustainable progress. I feel that chasing external success to prove your worth, burning yourself into the ground or forgetting to enjoy the journey is an old paradigm — replaced with self-actualization, and having a life of meaning and purpose.

What are your aims for your live session ‘How To Pivot Your Career’ and who do you hope to reach or relate to with your session?

Sadly many people in the industry are facing job insecurity right now. I know what it’s like to feel unsure of where to start or go about a possible career change, because I’ve been there myself. The key is to start with you and work from the inside out, rather than the outside in.

I created this training to give people a headstart and some practical guidelines, so they can clarify who they are and what they want, and start exploring what’s possible for them in this career change.

What developments or relevance have you seen for your work in response to the challenges of 2020?

I feel that 2020 marks the beginning of a big transition period during which every one of us is being asked to step up, so we can create a better future. We’re reevaluating what’s important and meaningful. Our shadows and what’s no longer serving us or working in our lives are coming up to the surface for us to heal and transform.

Many feel anxious, frustrated or worried — with good reasons — and at a time like this it’s the people who are doing the inner work and have the tools to deal with challenges that are best equipped to cope with and respond to this crisis. I’ve incorporated a variety of healing tools in my sessions and assignments to support my clients further in their transformation and expansion.

Can you describe one technique for how people can start the reflection process to pivot their career?

Find out what drives you and what’s important to you in your career, ie. your career values. (things like creativity, challenge, passion, achievement etc.). Having a job that is aligned with your values is essential if you want to feel happy and fulfilled at work.

Ask yourself:

  • What did I love doing in my past jobs or projects?
  • What did I dislike doing in my past jobs or projects?
  • What is essential for me to have in my work?
  • What do I want to avoid in my work?
  • What common themes/values do I notice?

What would be your four top tips for how to pivot ? (If you could also make these into short bullet-point headings, we can use them as social media sharers!)

  • Develop a success mindset: challenge the negative or limiting thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back, and stay open and excited about future possibilities
  • Understand what drives you: What are your values? What is your purpose? How do you define success?
  • Own your brilliance: Identify your unique strengths, qualities, skills and talents. In which careers could these be helpful?
  • Create an inspiring vision: Consider all the career options available to you with an expansive perspective rather than restricting yourself to what you think is possible. Dream big, and then narrow down the options that fit with your values, purpose and definition of success.
  • Take action: research the career options that are a fit, uplevel your skills or experience, nurture and expand your network, pimp your CV & LinkedIn and get support from a coach or mentor to assist you with this career change

Check out my free resource to help you discover your hidden talents:

Thank you, Ariane! If you want to learn more, go to the Olympia Coaching website.



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