Member Spotlight #16: Kathleen Alder & how she raised a near seven-figure investment from a member

Kathleen Alder (CEO, WildKat PR)

“For me, being a member of SSS feels like being in a family of supportive and collaborative women.”

shesaidso: A little bird told us you found your first investor in the shesaidso community. Tell us more about that. Was it an angel investor? How did that happen?

“Work out your top 3 important things in life and in your career.”

Pro tip #1: What’s the most useful pro tip you can share in terms of negotiating $$$?

Clockwise L-R: George Percy (Senior Account Manager), Kathleen Alder (CEO), Anna Read (Junior Account Manager), Naomi Belshaw (Composer Relations and PR Executive), Claudia Clarkson (Global COO), Olivia Brown (Director, Europe)

“I have found that having children has given me so much balance. It gives me an incredible perspective on what is important — they hold up a mirror to who you are. My children make me evaluate myself, which has had a real impact on my work life.” Finally, how can people reach you if they want to connect?



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