Mix Series #36, with QRTR

The mix series aims to spotlight the diverse artists within our community. We are committed to championing underrepresented voices from around the world, focusing on female, non-binary, trans and queer individuals. Our monthly mix series allows our contributors to showcase their unique backgrounds and inspirations by creating exclusive, 30-minute live recorded soundscapes.

Listen to QRTR’s mix here:

QRTR: I’ve loved music my whole life, but it wasn’t until I experienced my first music festival (Bonnaroo in 2014) that I realized I wanted to create my own music project. Attending that festival is one of my fondest memories, and I hope to be part of someone else’s musical journey the same way the artists I saw that weekend are very much part of mine.

QRTR: I’ve been lucky enough to be part of Brooklyn nightlife for a decade now, and its eclectic nature definitely gave me the freedom and confidence to make the kind of music I make now.

QRTR: I’m inspired by so many things — books about space and dystopian tech futures, films about interdimensional ruptures unraveling reality, gardening. I like to pull inspiration from other mediums, but I’m also inspired by many music artists such as Bicep, Caribou, Octo Octa, Jamie xx, Kelly Lee Owens, Four Tet, Jacques Greene, TOKiMONSTA, and so many more!!!

QRTR: I just played a handful of tunes I’ve had on repeat lately, plus a couple new tracks of mine.

QRTR: I’m working on new music and building out a new live set. At the moment, I’m gearing up for my very first Coachella. :)


QRTR — Snowfall
lau.ra — Chengdu
QRTR — DRIVER (brAAAden Remix)
Tom VR — Soared Straight Through Me (Kareem Ali Remix)
Tibasko — Isolate (Extended Mix)
Al Wootton — Rome
Jones & Stephenson — The First Rebirth (QRTR Flip)
Prozak — Holy Spirit
Floating Points — Vocoder
QRTR & Coffintexts — Minha

Here’s the link again to QRTR’s mix for

QRTR on Instagram, or her website.

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