Preparing for your release: A Guide For Independent Artists with, Powered by DistroKid and DistroKid partner for a four-part workshop series


Session 1 kicks off with a focus on maximising your production — from a technical, creative and operational perspective. Hosted by:

  • Lysee Webb, Founder of Van Pelt Management (highlights include multiple GRAMMY award winner Shawn Everett working with the likes of Kacey Musgraves, War on Drugs, and most recently Adele, to up and coming talent like Jason Agel landing projects with serpentwithfeet, Prince and John Legend, and Jonathan Low working on Taylor Swift’s Folklore.)
  • Ebonie Smith, award-winning Music Producer, Audio Engineer & Singer/Songwriter, plus Founder of Gender Amplified, an organisation that supports women and girls in music production.

Session 2: DISTRIBUTION 101

Session 2 is a DistroKid special, hosted by Marketing Manager Mikaela Allen.

Session 3: Make Platforms and Marketing Work For You

Session #3 continues with expert advice on how to define your unique message, marketing your music to the world, and how to do this on DSP’s and other such platforms, led by Ultra Music Records VP of Marketing, Bina Fronda.

Session 4: Optimising Your Promotional Tools

In Session #4, DistroKid’s Head of Creator Services, Mike Fink, sits down with singer/songwriters and DistroKid artists, Neoni, to talk about their artist journey, putting together a promo strategy, tools that have helped them along the way, tips for other indie artists, and more.

Mike Fink

Mike heads up DistroKid’s Creator Services team engaging with artists and DSPs. Previously he headed up relationships with indie music rights holders, labels and management at Pandora. Prior to moving to California, he produced over a thousand shows at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and co-founded indie label The Kora Records. He also managed several artists in DC, including Anousheh Khalili who shared a grammy nomination for her work with Deep Dish.


we are sisters who argue and write songs One Colorado summer on the corner of Washington & 13th we opened our guitar cases and started playing. Today we write bold music and collaborate with artists from around the globe.

  • How the artists got started in music.
  • What are the most impactful tools that have helped them along the way (can be on the promotion and or creation side)?
  • What tips do they have for other independent artists trying to make a career out of their music?

A huge thanks to our partners at DistroKid for making this series happen and for supporting our work.

If you are an artist wanting to find out more about DistroKid services, check out the DistroKid website here.

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