Inclusion In the Recording Studio

Dr Stacey Smith, author of the report, said: “There is a lot of work to be done, not only on the artistic side but in regards to who is getting access to content creation as songwriters and producers of content”

The report also states that some of the main barriers facing women in the industry (based on the experiences of 75 producers and songwriters), were having their skills discounted (43%) and being stereotyped and sexualised (39%).

“In order to see true and long-term change, the industry must feed the pipeline of women who are coming up through the various organizations working to support the next generation of female songwriters and producers. It must also work to address the ways in which women currently experience isolation, objectification, and dismissal throughout its ranks. By embracing collective action and new solutions, music can be an industry that celebrates all people and all voices.” [Dr. Stacey Smith]



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