How to prioritise personal well-being during self-isolation

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Whilst we need to take extra precaution to keep our immune system strong, we need to look after our mental health in this somewhat isolating time. With many of us working from home and social distancing, and with many facing a rocky few months ahead we wanted to share some tips on well-being during this unpredictable time.


If you’re used to working from home, you probably have a daily routine, and if not- now is the time to start one! It might be that you start your morning with meditation [some free mindfulness apps here], or maybe with a spot of yoga [Yoga with Adriene]; YouTube has plenty of free videos for you to choose from.
It sounds simple, but creating a to-do list can help you structure your day.

Fresh air

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, be sure to spend some time outside, if not- make sure you are getting enough fresh air by keeping windows open.

Stay Hydrated and Eat Well

This one’s self explanatory. Make sure that you’re drinking plenty of fluids during the day, and eating well.

Social Media/ The Internet

Whilst social media is a blessing in keeping us well connected, if you’re anxious, you can mute words on Twitter and Instagram to stop them from bombarding your feed. Also, be wary of sharing broadcasted messages that have been shared with you- there’s a lot of false news out there!

Consider a time-limit on your social media intake. You can download a free app version of 2048, or this calming game Flow, which can provide enough distraction to take your mind off things.

If you find yourself with some extra time, remember that the internet [world] is your oyster. Free online courses are readily available [some here and here], as well as online mindful colouring activities.

A great 10 minute breathing exercise here

Stay Connected

When you’re feeling anxious and overwhelmed, it can be easy to isolate and not reach out to friends. This is the time where you need to check in with friends, family and loved ones. If you’ve had to cancel social outings, still have them over a video-chat like Google Hangout. You could also create virtual co-working spaces.

Keep up to date with music industry related virtual events and meet-ups with this document [thank you Cherie Hu!].

In light of this unprecedented situation, we want you to know that we are here for you. If there is a silver lining to this nightmare pandemic at all, it’s a reminder that we’re all in it together, as a community, we want to support you all during these troubling times.

If you haven’t yet done so, please fill out this quick survey- we’ll soon be compiling a list of useful websites and information sheets.

We’d love to hear your thoughts for any top tips or ideas for how to bring well-being in to your working-from-home practice. Feel free to comment or connect with us on Twitter to share your thoughts.




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