Happy fourth birthday, shesaid.so!

Looking back over this year, we have continued to host fantastic panels and meet-ups all over the globe, started new diversity research projects & club-night safety initiatives, developed shesaid.so Mamas, hosted amazing radio shows, opened up teams in new countries, collaborated with incredible festivals, launched the first she.grows mentoring programme and launched a new line of merch! (http://www.shesaid.so/merch/)

Bespoke artwork by Jessica Severn ( http://instagram.com/j3ssica7)

A few members offered to share their achievements from the year, which we are proud to share. Here’s to another year of forging new relationships, growing opportunities and making an impact.

“I’d like to celebrate another year of ongoing personal growth — brought about by personal and professional challenges — which are catalysts for growth. Life really doesn’t happen to you, but for you. And yay to new inspiring friendships birthed from the ssso motherboard!” — Ariane Paras

#HeforShe — Parenthood in Music panel (March 2018)

“As a female who struggled to forge my own path and find my own place in the music business, I’ve relied heavily on shesaid.so’s global group as I’ve faced obstacles. The network has been inspiring and instrumental to my personal and professional growth. This is what motivated me to bring it to Colorado — our music industry is one of the fastest growing in the region. I’m taken back by the amount of excitement it is already generating. Regardless of our titles or where we’re from, if we can get the right women in the room across disciplines and genres to discuss how we can support one another and grow, I know we’ll see an impact. And that’s powerful.” — Lauren Kashuk (Ideaison founder) https://303magazine.com/2018/07/she-said-so-women-music-industry-event/

“A new chapter of my life begun as I step into my role as the Label Manager of dance and urban music at BMG. It’s been a combination of hard work, dedication but most importantly loving what I do. Thank you to my wonderful team for my gifts and most importantly the people above that have paved the way for me to grow! Anything is possible if you put your mind to it” — Evie Grain

“I am consistently inspired by the strength and tenacity of women I’ve met through SheSaidSo that are making sh*t happen. Being exposed to the group has renewed my energy and drive to center my work around and highlighting women. The resources available to us shows me that the industry is no longer a boy’s club that we have to maneuver. Whatever we’d like to accomplish but don’t have all the answers on how to yet might just be a few clicks away.” — Carolina Hoyos

“Being part of SheSaidSo since it just started, it’s been amazing to see how it grew over the past years. With a new subsidiary in Amsterdam, I am super thrilled to play a more active role in SSS. Excited to be one of the 5 mentors in the first She.Grows program during ADE 2018. I can only imagine what more is in store for this amazing group of women. Can’t wait to experience even more creativity, share the passion and have fun with all the women that are part of SheSaidSo worldwide!” — Madeleine van Genus

“Thank you for another year of inspiration and team-work. In London, we participated as the only all-female team in the Independent Music Cup and it was so brilliant to spend the day meeting new people all empowered by shesaid.so. We’re going back for the cup next year…”

shesaid.so London Independent Music Cup team (July 2018)

“Shesaid.so has directly enhanced my reach, and in turn, my ability to represent women beyond this platform. I’m a rare female composer / conductor, and founder of MTA, a richly diverse symphony orchestra. Speaking at London Music Conference 2018 was made possible by shesaid.so — by sharing my TEDx Talk in response to an email on the platform, I was invited to speak on a panel about Music and Brands, which in turn led to meeting the right person at the specific brand I wanted to meet. This led to a powerful music / brand collaboration between my orchestra and the brand. I am grateful to Kathi Longinus at LMC, and to Harriet, Holly and all the team at sso for founding and running this platform globally. Representation matters so much — by being seen and heard, our impact reached way beyond any single event. We change what’s possible, one woman at a time.” — Meena Ysanne (Composer / conductor — MTA)

Send us your stories! We love hearing from you. @shesaid_so

shesaid.so LA Radio on dublab (September 2018)

Bespoke artwork for this article by Jessica Severn: http://instagram.com/j3ssica7 / http://www.jessica7.com/

shesaid.so merch: http://www.shesaid.so/merch/



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