Artist Spotlight #8: Miso Extra

For this month’s artist spotlight, we caught up with English-Japanese artist, Miso Extra off the back of her performance at Brighton, UK’s ‘Great Escape’ festival.
3 min readJun 8, 2022

Having released her first single in 2021, Miso Extra has generated lots of buzz around her explorative sound. Following up with the release of her EP ‘Great Taste’ in 2022, she continued to give listeners a reason to believe and go with her into the Misoverse. Here she talks to about her evolution, and things she would have loved to hear when starting out.

shesaidso: Tell us more about your artist journey and how your sound has developed to where it is today?

Miso Extra: It has taken me a long while to give myself permission to embrace my creativity.

Miso Extra has helped me to better channel the thoughts I don’t always have the courage to voice in my day to day life. I personally feel ideas always sound that much better in song.

shesaidso: You showcased your vocal creativity on your Debut EP ‘Great Taste’. Were you always confident using your voice?

Miso Extra: My confidence has ebbed and flowed over the years but with the loving support of friends and family I’ve been finding my feet.

I’m embracing my own unique vocal style and champion that it is my instrument of choice.

shesaidso: You released Great Taste in March? How did that moment feel for you as an artist?

Miso Extra: It was a huge sigh of relief and felt like a step in the right direction for me creatively as I had never originally intended to release the project. Thank goodness I did!

shesaidso: How do you identify collaborators to work with?

Miso Extra: I try to let it happen organically but from the outset I tend to gravitate towards people who seem to have a good vibe about them and that reply to my DM’s aha is a community guided by intersectionality. In your opinion, how could the music industry do better in terms of inclusivity?

Miso Extra: There is always progress to be made as that is an infinite process. By trying to make the next day better than the last in any small or big way is always a good start. Has community played a role in your evolution as a creative?

Miso Extra: Totally crucial! No one person is responsible for raising me. The good, bad and the divine are what made me who I am today and will continue to help evolve me. And finally, could you share three bullet-point top tips for artists just starting out? What would you have loved to hear?

1. No better time than the present

2. Own being you

3. Help is out there you’ve just got to keep seeking the right people

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