Artist Spotlight #7 : Bea Anderson

Bea’s earliest experience of music came as a three-year-old when her Mum placed her in front of an audience and asked her to sing. As she shares here, her musical journey since then has really formed itself as an extension of her development as a person. Her interest in timeless sounds and music with soul has guided her releases and collaborations, prioritising ‘authentic over current’. With her first release on 2022, ‘Mirror, Mirror’, landing on the BBC Radio 1Xtra playlist she looks ahead to her next single ‘Pieces’ and how she’d like to see the industry develop.

Bea Anderson

BA: As strange as it sounds, I feel so far into my journey — yet it’s only just starting! It’s taken years of cultivation/experimentation to get to this sound so I am super excited about how I have been received. Guitar has always been key to my songwriting, hence why it’s usually the main instrument in my songs thus far. My EP was quite guitar based, but more so because I wanted to show the world how I make music and where it’s derived from. Moving onto my releases for this year however, everything is much more production based, and really shows my artistic influences.


“Timelessness! You could listen to these albums YEARS from today and they’d still be relevant, fresh and exciting. That same concept is literally what I strive to be, authentic over current, and timeless.”

BA: The support meant everything! I was quite nervous releasing Mirror Mirror as it was such a stand out track and not too current. I really wasn’t sure how it would be received, however, seeing how people interacted with the song was so heartwarming and a reminder to always stay true to myself and my music.

BA: So I started writing pieces in a virtual session. The producer, Jarom S’ua (US based), played the beginning of this beat and I literally fell in love with the tune over zoom! I wrote the first verse and chorus in half an hour and completed the song in a few days. That doesn’t always happen with music, but when it does it’s like absolute magic.

BA: I think there are SO many female music producers and beat makers of multiple genres, which is absolutely beautiful. It would be great to see those names as the lead producers of major artists, giving them the same amount of exposure as male producers in their field.

BA: Most definitely. Community plays a huge part in my why. My aim is to be a role model for young women and minorities to look up to and aspire to be like — encouraging them to dream big, regardless of their upbringing or surroundings.

- Find yourself first and then allow your music to be an extension of that.

- Your journey is separate to everyone else’s, stay focused on yours.

- And, take your time, don’t rush baby!

Where you can find Bea Anderson:

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